About Us

ARK Business and Logistics is one of the leading logistics services providers in the Egyptian shipping market. 

The ARK Business and Logistics organization is managed from Alexandria, Egypt and upholds ARK's standards and quality. Our main approach is being "pleasantly" aggressive and able to facilitate international trading and multimodal logistics services regionally and globally.

We have been registered and licensed as a freight forwarder and logistics services provider in all regional sea, air, and dry ports and offer all kinds of freight forwarding and full logistics services nationally and internationally. 




Our services include:


•    Sea freight
•    Air freight
•    Land and Rail trucking
•    Warehousing, Packing, and Distribution
•    Project and Heavy-Lift cargo
•    Consolidated/LCL 
•    Intermodal transportation 
•    Customs clearance services and an end to all customs procedures
•    Port handling
•    Customized freight and supply chain solutions




ARK Business and Logistics is a nationally and internationally well-respected company and well-positioned with local manufacturers, shippers, receivers, governmental departments, and authorities. We have a strong and modern management information system in place which meets with all international standards and those of all our customers providing them wide professional experience. 


The company has developed its freight forwarding and logistics services and is a member of FIATA, EIFFA and WCA. Also, the company has been certified by ECA since 2018. ARK’s skilled team is now working in all branches and covers all the activities and is linked by an enhanced ERP system, ensuring availability and accessibility.

In 2018, we established a sub-sister company to handle first-line operations directly. It offers our efficient and professional services to the local freight forwarders. Furthermore, as one of the most rapidly growing groups in Egypt, we have received official approval to be listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.


Customer service is our priority, led by our competitive rates and operational excellence. Being a professional freight forwarder is not enough at ARK. We believe in our clients as partners; their success is our success. Constant attention to expediting your shipments is just part of the routine at our office.


Our worldwide reputation is based on key elements of competent and enthusiastic personnel, supported by progressive and innovative information systems, ensuring the most efficient service to our customers. [This is the reputation ARK works hard to preserve.]


We contribute to the business success of each of our customers, by setting up an efficient supply chain EVERYWHERE
Contribute to shaping the logistics & supply chain innovation and future. And globalize the future by transportation EVERYHOW.

To deliver an exceptional customer experience through respect, integrity, reliability, professionalism, attention to detail, and competitive pricing using effective communication, having a passion for our work, and a dedication to our partners and customers worldwide.

We are an accredited Freight / Cargo Forwarder


Quality management is an essential element of corporate as a certified ISO 45001 / 2018 company we apply a high level standards of quality and management in ARK. International standards governance at ARK. 
Behind this is the awareness that only through constant improvement can we prevail in meeting the requirements of a dynamic, global market.


Being a successful marketing organization operating on an international scale, we assign immense importance to the responsible handling of our products. Safety and care rank first and foremost, both during transportation and storage. This is intended to protect mankind and the environment; at the same time, however, this secures the innovative strength and competitiveness of our Company. We perceive our extensive quality management as a contribution towards making our Company fit for the future.